Sanofi Ethanol Supply Pump Installation

80 New York Ave., Framingham, MA

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Client Sanofi
Project Ethanol Supply Pump Installation
Type cGMP; Manufacturing
Industry Biopharmaceutical
Timeframe June 2018 - January 2019
Architect N/A
CM AZ Corp.
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2-week ethanol supply pump installation

The Ethanol Supply pump, which delivers EtoH to its manufacturing suites, needed replacement. A major challenge for this project was to perform all work within a 2-week window. Hereva and the entire project team worked together to deliver the critical infrastructure upgrade project.

About the project

Hereva was hired by Sanofi to replace the Ethanol Supply Pump which delivers the EtOH to its manufacturing suites. The  pump had several issues and Sanofi needed a unit that would perform consistently at any tank level.

Our biggest challenge was that the construction team had to perform all the work within a brief, two week window in December (17DEC2018 to 31DEC2018 ) during an already scheduled Sanofi shutdown.

We were successful because the entire project team worked as one in order to meet the target dates. During construction the team was on-site to address any issues that arose that day.

The replacement EtOH supply pump was part of the cGMP system for manufacturing of their products. The project required extensive documentation for all work. We had to support and document everything – engineering calculations, construction drawings, P&ID’s, Commissioning documentation and Validation documentation. Each of these items needed to be completed and approved prior to turning the pump over to manufacturing for use.

All pre-construction activities and materials were required to be on-site, tested and ready for installation prior to the shutdown to help ensure a successful project. Documentation for all materials were required to be in-hand prior to the shutdown for review and approval.

Construction/Installation of the new pump occurred with portions of the system filled with Ethanol. This required a PHA (Process Hazard Analysis) to ensure that all construction activities were performed in a safe manner – i.e. non-sparking tools, extensive Lockout/Tagout procedures, and Safe Work Permits were required to be in place and approved prior to any construction activities.

The old Ethanol Supply Pump had issues of priming when the EtOH supply tank would drop below 40% full level and would also “lock-up” due to check ball failures. The existing EtOH supply tank is 12 feet deep, so pump lift was a major issue as the tank drew down. Where the old pump only had 8 feet of lift, the new pump has a lift of 18 feet, and was designed to ensure that it would pump at any supply tank level and would also still function after deadheading, if operators left the pump inadvertently for extended periods of time.

About the Client

Sanofi engages in the research and development, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical drugs principally in the prescription market, but the firm also develops over-the-counter medication. The company covers seven major therapeutic areas: cardiovascular, central nervous system, diabetes, internal medicine, oncology, thrombosis and vaccines. It is the world’s largest producer of the latter through its subsidiary, Sanofi Pasteur.

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