Selecting the Best Location For Your Next Lab

Congratulations! Your successful company is ready to move on.

Now, how do you choose the best site for your company?

A lot depends on the type of science and technical requirements of your specific business type.

Our Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology clients find they have a myriad of available options, along with many internal and physical variables to consider in their site selection process. Additionally, there are now new variations in health and safety protocols and regulations due to the pandemic. These issues and additional factors have been added on top of the previous standard elements.

Basic internal considerations may include, staff geography and proximity to the potential new site, public transportation, cycling trail proximity and pedestrian friendly pathways and available parking, etc. Proximity to collaborative partners and industry activity may be important.   More complex questions on building amenities may involve fitness centers (limited during viral restrictions) changing & storage areas for bike or fitness commuters, restaurants or food options and open space. Dog friendly buildings may be an additional consideration if that is reflective of the corporate culture.

Technical aspects for consideration may dominate the decision process.

If your lab or manufacturing site has large equipment, warehouse or requires frequent deliveries you need to consider freight and delivery access – separate elevators or dedicated transport systems may factor into the review if there are specialty labs such as an ACF involved. You may need to evaluate available roof space for dedicated emergency generators, HVAC air handling units, and/or other ventilation requirements. Additional factors may include available shaft access, and flexibility for building control systems.  Waste management, and hazardous material storage /handling are important components for review.  Security and site access vary by corporate culture and regulation requirements as well.

Building construction can also influence your ability to use the space. You need to take structural requirements into consideration. Sometimes old masonry building can impact the quality of internet connectivity within a floorplate, so a review of available fiber and cable capacity at the site is important. This will influence the technical upgrades a company may be required to implement for optimal functionality.

Covid-19 has inserted additional Environmental Health and Safety considerations such as elevator vs stair access, parking availability in the building and neighborhood, cleaning services, vendor management for amenities, HVAC in existing spaces and ability to reconfigure and properly distance from others if required.

These are some of the considerations when reviewing sites, negotiating with potential landlords and conducting internal discussions. There are many supplemental factors to review and consider with this important decision that aren’t covered in this brief overview – if you are building new headquarters or offices or moving into space that requires renovation or building out new space, for example.

Owner’s Project Managers and Real Estate professionals can work together to help you evaluate what your requirements and constraints are during the selection process. They have experience with multiple sites and types of companies and their unique requirements. An experienced OPM firm with Pharmaceutical or Biotechnology clients has managed site selection evaluations, reconfigurations, new build-outs, relocations and many aspects of the scientific and technology expansion process. Utilize their knowledge base to assist you in leveraging the opportunity and finding the right fit for your organization’s growth and change.

Contact us if you’d like to know how Hereva can help you find the best site for your growing company.