iRobot – Showing Excellence and Pulling Together During Difficult Times

The past 2 weeks have been the most challenging time we’ve experienced in our industry and perhaps lifetime.  Trying to work during the COVID 19 outbreak has caused each one of us to dig deep and re-assess where our values lie.

I’ve had the fortunate experience of working with an amazing team at iRobot.  Keeping a focus on the project goals, maintaining job and personal safety, and respecting each team member’s individual challenges has allowed us to keep our project more or less on track.  We have been able to adapt our work to accommodate for changing guidelines, find ways to stay in communication, and despite the many obstacles, manage our priorities.

The biggest challenge has been how to keep a project moving when very few people are on site.  While the whole team is remote working, we have continued to develop plans for what we can achieve in the field.  This team’s success is a testament to the strong bonds we’ve created during the past year plus of this project.

We have worked hard over the past months to establish a cooperative team dynamic.  As with any project team, we have had our ups and downs.  But we have relied on communication, understanding, and alignment to keep us on track.  All the work we have done in the past is helping us to get through this challenging time.

I use this experience as a reminder that although we are faced with obstacles every day, it’s how you work through them that makes all the difference.

The Team:

iRobot, J Calnan, IA, Hereva, Adech, BAM Group, Poblocki Sign, Red Thread, Code Red, AHA