How to revel in change…

Change is hard – no one wants to change. No one wants to change their mind, change direction, or even change their point of view. However, we all have to accept change in order to grow and learn to accept the things we can’t change.

We instinctively want to manage and direct change. Change management – a phrase we’ve all heard. Change Control Request, Change Directive, Change Order. We want to own the changes we want and disregard the changes we don’t. We all want to control change; not allow it to control us.

What does this have to do with being a good project manager?

A project is defined as an event that has a beginning, an end, a measurable outcome, and some unique feature. We often think of this unique feature as the business goal, objective or justification for the project. That thought assumes the objective or goal remains consistent from start to finish. How many projects do we embark upon where the desired outcome changed before completion? With the pace of business today, and that design and construction takes time, there’s always the possibility that the outcome you define today is not the outcome you will need tomorrow.

Embracing change and incorporating it into the process of design and construction is the necessary challenge. The defining factor in this is being able to determine what is causing a change; Is it a problem to be solved or an actual changing need which needs to be addressed?

A good project manager faces change head on. While remaining objective digging deep into the cause of a change is imperative in determining if its change that’s needed or just needs to be managed. The difference between the two is something only experience and understanding can uncover.

To all project managers – remember that sometimes change is needed in order to get where you want to go.