How do you say Hereva?

Hereva [ /hər/’riva ]. Noun: a progressive and dynamic organization that brings value and expert advice to clients that are undertaking technically challenging design and construction initiatives. See also: knowledgeable; adept; proficient; dependable; fun.

It looks like an entry from the Oxford English Dictionary, but it isn’t—YET! That’s okay—we’re working on it.

“How do you say the name?” That is what most people say to us when we hand them a business card. Followed by an “Okay … so, where does that come from?” “How did you come up with that?” or “What does it mean?”

We can explain its origins another time; First, let’s get you saying it right.

The name Hereva has three syllables and its pronunciation structure is /hər/’riva

Think of the first syllable as the word ‘her’ – the objective case for she. (For example: “Did you see her outfit this morning? What was she thinking?”). ‘Her’ is closely followed by the second and third syllables said like the word ‘riva’ – the Italian feminine noun meaning ‘shore’ or ‘bank [of a river]’. Don’t hesitate to add a little roll to the two ‘R’s that meet in the middle. VOILA – you’ve just said our company name “hur-rEE-vah”.

Keep practicing and help all your friends. It’s easy once you know how!