Hereva Teams Up for Kendall Square Community Day

On May 18, 2017, the Hereva team participated in Kendall Square Community Day, an annual clean-up event organized by the Kendall Square Association. The KSA is a non-profit membership-based organization committed to creating connections between neighbors and promoting the vibrancy of Kendall Square. Being a part of the dynamic Kendall Square community is important to the Hereva team, just as it is to many of our clients. This event was the perfect opportunity to give back to our neighborhood while having some fun and networking with our neighbors.

In typical New England fashion, May 18 was an unseasonably hot day. Undeterred by the heat and armed with trash spikes, garbage bags and gloves, our team faced the challenge head on. Teams spread throughout the Kendall neighborhoods with the Hereva team assigned to the One Kendall Square area. When we were done, you would be hard pressed to find a piece of trash on any of the courtyards, grassy areas, or even the railroad tracks.

It would be remiss not to mention the Hereva MVP of the day. Our very own Nick Parsa went above and beyond. Most of us returned with half-full trash bags. Not Nick. He went for anything and everything out there, and came back with two brimming trash bags. Bags that were so full, they were ripping. His haul even included a hubcap he found near the railroad tracks. After struggling to carry the burgeoning bags back to the check-in point, some of our team members wondered if Nick may have been slightly too ambitious. But, in reality, we were proud to leave the area in pristine condition.

After an hour in the hot sun, we joined the other Kendall Community Day teams at the Marriott courtyard for some much needed refreshments at a barbeque sponsored by the Boston Marriott Cambridge, Champions, Moriarty & Associates, and MIT. Hereva loved participating in Kendall Community Day alongside our neighbors, and we are already looking forward to next year.

Thank you, Kendall Square Association, for putting together this rewarding event!

This post was written by Ethan Weiss, our co-op from Wentworth.