Hereva Teams Up for Hub on Wheels

Article by Peg Bedard

Nothing is going to get me up at 5:00am on a foggy Sunday morning for an hour-long ride into Boston other than a wonderful charity. I am an adult woman whose body has served me well, and this day I was able to use it for the TD Hub on Wheels bike ride to fundraise for Boston Children’s Hospital Pediatric Cancer Research.

Hereva’s meeting place was at the water fountain in Post Office Square. As I approached, the fog was lifting, and I could see Bill Lynch in his team shirt. Pat and Robin arrived with their sons, Will and Jos. Shortly thereafter, Brian, Mina, Ron and Ken pulled up on their bikes. Jos entertained us with his unbounding energy, and Will talked to us about the squirrels. Once our whole team was there, we headed over to the buzzing City Hall Plaza. The lively crowd incited energy in us as we checked in and found our way to the start line.

Patience is a necessary virtue at the beginning of the ride. It’s a long wait for the ride to begin, and as it starts, you need to safely maneuver through the throngs of people. We separated almost immediately – Brian and Ken fiercely taking on the 40mile ride; Robin and Pat making sure they corralled the boys to keep them safe. Ron joined Pat, Robin and the boys for a nice steady pace, while Mina pulled ahead to take photos of us crossing the finish line.

As I started to breakout from the crowd, I realized there was something wrong with my bike. No matter how hard I pedaled my bike was moving at a snail’s pace. Luckily for me, Bill Lynch had stuck with me. My legs spun in frantic circles but my gears weren’t engaging properly and my wheels weren’t turning with any speed. I couldn’t get the power I needed as I watched rider after rider pass us. There was only one reason I kept going: Bill. He entertained and distracted me the entire ride with great conversations and his quippy humor. When I’d get discouraged, Bill would point out how my legs were wildly spinning, versus all the other riders pumping their legs at a slow, steady pace and I’d start to giggle. My ride was powered by humor and inspiration, and not the bike’s gears. As we cruised down the final hill, it appeared we were the last two people completing the ride, but we made it!

The Hereva team stayed at City Hall Plaza and enjoyed the lively festivities. As we were winding down from the ride, our morning was just beginning.  Soon after, we ventured to the waterfront for some breakfast. As the skies cleared, the energy and conversation continued to flow at the table. Though the ride had its challenges, it was worth it in the end knowing that as a team, we rode together for a great cause.

To donate or learn more about Hub on Wheels, please click here.