Hereva Loves a Challenge, and the Kendall Challenge Delivered!

You probably already knew that Hereva thrives under challenging circumstances on our projects, however, we love a challenge even more when it benefits those in need – amazing nonprofit organizations that are tackling issues like homelessness, sustainability and hunger right here in our Cambridge and Kendall Square community.

We were honored to be part of the first annual Kendall Challenge – a race put together by the Kendall Square Association to build community and raise awareness and funds for: Breakthrough Greater Boston; CASPAR; Charles River Conservancy; Food For Free; InnerCity Weightlifting; and Just-A-Start.

Over 30 teams competed in activities ranging from physical challenges like tug-of-war and canoe racing, to brain teasers involving solving puzzles or trivia about Kendall Square, to community service projects like potting plants, re-stocking the KSQ mini-libraries and putting together lunches for the homeless. Each challenge had a different point value and the three teams with the most points at the end of the day got to award grants to the nonprofit of their choice.

Congratulations to Alexandria Real Estate for winning this inaugural KSA Challenge and taking home the trophy! Alexandria chose to award Breakthrough Greater Boston with a three-thousand-dollar grant. Breakthrough Greater Boston was also awarded a five-hundred-dollar grant by third place finishers Amgen, and second place competitors Rheos awarded Food For Free with another five-hundred-dollar grant.

Although Team Hereva didn’t win (nor, we should mention, did we pick up the wooden spoon) – we had a great time, and for such a great cause. It was a fun afternoon racing around the Square, full of camaraderie and strategy.  The impactful and amazing day was capped off at the Marriot with music, great food, meeting old friends and making new. We’re already planning our strategy for next year – hopefully, we’ll see some of you there!

Some fun facts from the Challenge, courtesy of the Kendall Square Association:

  • # of Kendall mini-libraries restocked minutes after the starting horn sounded: 6
  • # of books collected for said restocking: over 1,200
  • # of volunteers who came out to make this event possible: over 60
  • # of canoes tipped over as teams raced along the Charles from Paddle Boston0
  • # of lunch sandwiches made — with personalized notes! — for CASPAR‘s FirstStep outreach program: 160
  • Total # of squats InnerCity Weightlifting‘s Josh Feinman made teams do during the event: 26,400!
  • # of flowers potted for CASPARand CitySprouts on the RoofTop Garden: 150
  • # of teams who were smarter than a Breakthrough Greater Boston9th grader (as judged by a science assessment): 3

To read more about the nonprofits who benefitted from the funds raised by the Challenge, please click here: