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Resiliency Planning for Structures in the Flood Plain 

In a new era of emergency preparedness, floodwater resiliency is a concern for any company making the Seaport their home.  The city has updated the flood map to include most of the Seaport area which means any new construction needs to be built with greater flood resiliency. But what about existing buildings in the flood plain?  

As part of their Resiliency Master Plan, Vertex saw the need for some type of flood mitigation to protect its Seaport property and the operations that are the lifeblood of its business.  It is very important that they maintain business continuity and water damage can be extremely disruptive. They chose to install flood barriers which act as stop logs to keep water from entering the building around doors and other vulnerable areas, thereby protecting the building from rising water during storms or sea level changes. 

Hereva was hired to act as the OwnerProject Manager, running all aspects of the project from the design to the construction of the flood barriers. One of the biggest challenges was to achieve city approval. By their nature, once deployed, these barriers would limit Emergency Responders from entering the building. The solution involved multiple stakeholders within the bigger initiative. 

We had to identify, co-ordinate and oversee all reviews, permitting and inspections between the company, BHDP, ISD and the Fire Department. In the end, the work we did became the first in a number of new public and private resiliency plans. 

About the Client 

Vertex Pharmaceuticals is a global biotechnology company that aims to discover, develop and commercialize innovative medicines so people with serious diseases can lead better lives. Founded in 1989 in Cambridge, Mass. and headquartered in Boston’s Innovation District, Vertex today has research and development sites and commercial offices in the United States, Europe, Canada and Australia. 

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Client: Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Project: Flood Mitigation Project
Location: Seaport, Boston MA
Type: Flood Mitigation
Industry: N/A
Time Frame: 11/2016-6/2018

Nick Parsa, Robin Dorogusker, Ethan Weiss

Architect: E4H Architecture (MorrisSwitzer)
CM: Suffolk Construction Company

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