Alnylam Pharmaceuticals / Third Street

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About the Project

In 2016 Alnylam’s growing headcount demanded expansion into previously subleased space at 300 Third Street in Cambridge, MA. The project scope included renovating 14,000 sf of the existing lab and office space. The project added space for 35 employees and includes conference rooms and storage areas.

Hereva was hired to manage the project from kick-off through employee occupancy. This included developing and tracking the project schedule and budget, and providing regular updates to team members and senior management.  Hereva was also responsible for managing the coordination of all project activities and vendors, including the architect, engineer and construction team.

The project was thrown a curveball when, the day before construction was scheduled to start, an existing pipe burst, spilling glycol and water into the project area. An environmental company had to be brought in to remove the fluid and remediate the space. Despite this setback, the project team was still able to meet the original milestones for the project.

About the Client

The discovery of RNAi has been heralded as a major scientific breakthrough that happens only once every decade or so, and represents one of the most promising and rapidly advancing frontiers in biology and drug discovery today.

Alnylam was founded in 2002 on a revolutionary vision and bold mission which remain firmly in place today. Alnylam is leading the translation of RNAi as a new class of innovative medicines, with a core focus on RNAi therapeutics toward genetically defined targets for the treatment of serious, lifethreatening diseases with limited treatment options for patients and their caregivers.

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Client: Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
Project: 300 3rd Street
Location: 300 3rd Street, Cambridge, MA
Type: Office/Lab Renovation
SF: 14,000
Industry: Biotech, Pharmaceutical
Time Frame: October 2016 – April 2017

Dayna Shatraw, Ciara McGurran

Architect: Architectural Environments, Inc.
CM: Tria

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