Why Hereva

Hereva brings a strategic approach, a fresh perspective and a depth of expertise in life sciences that you won’t find at other project management consulting firms.

Complex real-estate projects can be all-consuming. As your owner’s representative, Hereva does the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on the important work of keeping your business operational. But we’re more than project managers—and we’re anything but pencil pushers. We’re strategic advisors and problem solvers who fully immerse ourselves in every project.

With our team on your side:

  • You’ll have an experienced professional who knows what needs to be done, who needs to do it and by when.
  • You’ll have direct access to our company leadership throughout the process.
  • You’ll have the advantage of avoiding common pitfalls that can cost time and money.
  • You’ll have the confidence of knowing that your company’s financial and business interests are our top priority.

Founded in project management methodology, with technical skills, ongoing education and training, and real-world experience, Hereva brings leadership and accountability to every phase of your project. Ultimately, our responsibility is to you, and to minimizing the risks that will be encountered along the way.

Agile and responsive, so your project can be, too.

The design and construction process is linear and inflexible, unlike the very agile businesses we serve. At Hereva, we strive to bring greater flexibility and responsiveness to your real estate project. We’ll make sure the process works for your company’s needs, knowing that those needs may change. We aim to be nimble in the way we work, too, communicating proactively and leveraging technology to its fullest.

Unmatched expertise in the life sciences industry

Building and expanding facilities for life sciences businesses requires specialized expertise. We have our finger on the pulse of the life sciences industry, so we understand the complex regulatory and technical requirements for laboratories, manufacturing facilities and other biotech and pharma work environments. We speak the same language as the designers, contractors and others involved in our clients’ projects, and can help bridge the gap between technical and business concerns.

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Let Hereva provide the dynamic leadership, technical knowledge, experience and services you need to create the ideal facility for your business goals.