Hereva Consultants was founded in 2014 inspired by a commitment to bringing a strategic project management approach to businesses undertaking new or expanded commercial real estate initiatives.

The unique entrepreneurial spirits of Boston, Cambridge, San Diego, and London , are  the perfect fit with Hereva’s philosophy and work style. We provide the dynamic leadership, technical knowledge, experience and services you need to create the ideal facility in which to meet your business goals.

Our Beliefs

As an owner-operated firm, Hereva gives clients direct access to our leadership throughout the process. We operate under the beliefs that our clients’ goals are our goals:

  • bringing efficiencies and best practices help make the best use of a client’s time, money and resources
  • a thoughtful, detailed planning process is essential to achieving project goals
  • engaging the customer, client and key stakeholders throughout the process is instrumental to exceeding expectations

Focused on accountability every step of the way, Hereva keeps clients’ interests at the forefront of every interaction.

Our Team

The Hereva team has a strong track record addressing and managing the financial, technical and logistical challenges that accompany design and construction projects. Our commitment to working side-by-side with like-minded, forward-thinking professionals from start up to completion ensures not only a successful project but a positive experience as well.

Learn more about Hereva, the services we provide, and our team of talented individuals by exploring our projects and downloading our brochure. We are happy to speak with you about your needs and your vision of your company’s future. Give us a call at 617.433.8233 or email us