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Managing the Sustainable Lab Project: Avoiding the Pitfalls

Article by Gregory Muth

Sustainability in lab projects is a relatively new concept, requiring new ways of thinking and working. Once considered unachievable, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for labs is now within reach through careful planning and management. Clear, measurable goals need to be established and included in the program from the outset, with buy-in from all stakeholders. As with any initiative, the project team should be held accountable for meeting milestones toward sustainability goals at the beginning, middle and end of the project.

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Hereva Teams Up for Hub on Wheels

Article by Peg Bedard

Nothing is going to get me up at 5:00am on a foggy Sunday morning for an hour-long ride into Boston other than a wonderful charity. I am an adult woman whose body has served me well, and this day I was able to use it for the TD Hub on Wheels bike ride to fundraise for Boston Children’s Hospital Pediatric Cancer Research.
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Hereva Heads West: New Office Opens in San Diego

Hereva is always on the lookout for innovation hubs that support the ever-burgeoning technology and life-sciences industries. After three years and two offices in Boston and London, it was time to venture out west to San Diego, California. You probably can’t get two major U.S. cities further apart than Boston and San Diego, but we didn’t let that stop us. Though different in climate and scenery, these two cities share one major thing in common: the inherent interest and capabilities in the world of start ups, technology, and bio-tech companies.
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Growing Pains: Part 3 – Creating a Roadmap for Your New Lab Space

When you are about to build out a new lab facility, you need to have a clear plan for how to get to the endgame: functional lab operations. A project roadmap is critical; having an owner’s representative to help you through the early planning phases can make all the difference. This article will outline the five steps to create your project roadmap.
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Hereva Teams Up for Kendall Square Community Day

On May 18, 2017, the Hereva team participated in Kendall Square Community Day, an annual clean-up event organized by the Kendall Square Association. The KSA is a non-profit membership-based organization committed to creating connections between neighbors and promoting the vibrancy of Kendall Square. Being a part of the dynamic Kendall Square community is important to the Hereva team, just as it is to many of our clients. This event was the perfect opportunity to give back to our neighborhood while having some fun and networking with our neighbors.
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Why Hereva Uses the Honeycomb to Define Project Management

By Pat Gallagher

You may wonder why bees construct their hive in the shape of the six-sided hexagon. Why not a circle, a square, or some other more organic shape? It’s because the hexagon is the most efficient, least wasteful shape found in nature. It tessellates to minimize the amount of wasted space and maximize the available storage. It’s also flexible – it can go in any direction and fit about anywhere. The compressive characteristics of the shape allow it to be one of the strongest structures in the world. Previous studies on the geometry of the beehive have indicated that no other shape can create more space with less material.
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Turnkey or TI Allowance: Understanding the Terms Used in Leasing A New Lab Space

By Robin Dorogusker

Congratulations! You’ve found a new space to move your lab operations into!

It sounds simple: hire an architect, they will tell you what you need. Hire a contractor, they will build it. But in truth, especially with lab space, it’s not that simple. Understanding the difference between turnkey and a Tenant Improvement Allowance is crucial in understanding how much involvement you need to have during the process of building out the space. Regardless of your decision, it’s best to have an owner’s representative to help guide you through the process.
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How to Decide if an Open Office Plan is Right for You

How do you decide if the open office environment is right for your company? Companies like LogMeIn, Google and Yahoo seem to create exciting places to work – open work tables, no panels or hard walled offices, lots of places to have fun and collaborate with co-workers. Reducing the amount of private offices can save you money on construction and real estate costs, but what are the real benefits of an open plan and how do you decide if it’s really right for you?

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Hereva Wins Two Large Biotech Projects

Hereva Consultants, Inc. is making it big in the world of cGMP projects for biotech companies. Hereva was formed in 2014 and focuses on owner’s representation and project consulting services to the science and technology industry. Within the last six months, Hereva has been awarded two process manufacturing facilities for local biotech innovators. Each project is in excess of 200,000 SF, putting Hereva in support of delivering over $350M in design and construction.
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Waverley Hall – Project Milestone Update

October, 2016: This fall, the residents and visitors of Cambridge will finally see the renovated exterior of 115 Mt. Auburn Street revealed. This six-story historical masonry building, formally used for apartments, has spent the last year covered by scaffolding. Once in disrepair, the exterior work is nearly complete and the scaffolding is starting to come off revealing a charm of this 130 year-old building.
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