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How to Decide if an Open Office Plan is Right for You

How do you decide if the open office environment is right for your company? Companies like LogMeIn, Google and Yahoo seem to create exciting places to work – open work tables, no panels or hard walled offices, lots of places to have fun and collaborate with co-workers. Reducing the amount of private offices can save you money on construction and real estate costs, but what are the real benefits of an open plan and how do you decide if it’s really right for you?

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Hereva Wins Two Large Biotech Projects

Hereva Consultants, Inc. is making it big in the world of cGMP projects for biotech companies. Hereva was formed in 2014 and focuses on owner’s representation and project consulting services to the science and technology industry. Within the last six months, Hereva has been awarded two process manufacturing facilities for local biotech innovators. Each project is in excess of 200,000 SF, putting Hereva in support of delivering over $350M in design and construction.
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Waverley Hall – Project Milestone Update

October, 2016: This fall, the residents and visitors of Cambridge will finally see the renovated exterior of 115 Mt. Auburn Street revealed. This six-story historical masonry building, formally used for apartments, has spent the last year covered by scaffolding. Once in disrepair, the exterior work is nearly complete and the scaffolding is starting to come off revealing a charm of this 130 year-old building.
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Growing Pains: Part 2 – How to develop a safe lab environment

Finding your new lab space was part one of our four-part series on how to move your bio-tech company out of an incubator space into your first fully operating research facility. Part two focuses on establishing environmental health and safety protocols and best practices in your lab. Chances are you don’t yet have an EH&S department, at the most you may have delegated someone in your research team responsible for this function. However, once you occupy your own space, the EH&S responsibilities of your firm become far greater, and with an increased volume of operation the health and safety of our employees is paramount. There’s a phrase in the construction world  – we want our people to leave every day the same way they came in. We owe that to the families and loved ones of the people in our organizations.

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Where Has Innovation in Sustainable Design and Construction gone?

Article by Patrick Gallagher

Someone’s taken it and we want it back.

With the AIA announcing the 2016 COTE Top Ten Green Projects list yesterday, it’s very interesting to see that the innovation and technology hub of the world has no showing. In fact, apart from one placing in 2015 there has been no other Boston or New England projects receiving a top ten award in over six years.

Sorry to be the bearer of even more bad news – out of the 100 award selections over the last ten years, Boston has placed only twice and New England a total of only seven times. What’s that about…?

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How to revel in change…

Change is hard – no one wants to change. No one wants to change their mind, change direction, or even change their point of view. However, we all have to accept change in order to grow and learn to accept the things we can’t change. Read More “How to revel in change…”

How do you say Hereva?

Hereva [ /hər/’riva ]. Noun: a progressive and dynamic organization that brings value and expert advice to clients that are undertaking technically challenging design and construction initiatives. See also: knowledgeable; adept; proficient; dependable; fun.

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Growing Pains – Moving Beyond the Comforts of an Incubator Lab Space

First, you start with an idea. You do a few experiments to see if you get the expected results. You soon realize you may have an idea for a bio-technology company. You develop a business plan, maybe get some money, gather a few scientists and rent some space in an incubator lab space to see if you can make your idea a reality.   Read More “Growing Pains – Moving Beyond the Comforts of an Incubator Lab Space”