Improving Project Execution

We think this is the most exciting phase of any project.

The planning is all complete and now the real action happens! The execution phase is often the longest phase of any project.

This is where we develop the actual project and deliver it to our client. During this time, we expect there will probably be changes in scope as the project moves from conception to completion. We make sure our documentation is continually updated to capture those changes.

Regardless of whether we are hired to be the Project Manager or The Owner’s Representative, during execution our main objectives are to:

  • Execute the project scope
  • Manage the work progress of the team
  • Identify risks, recommend changes and corrective actions
  • Document all changes to the project plan
  • Keep all stakeholders informed

In order to accomplish those objectives we have to manage:

  • The People (Team members, stakeholders and outside vendors)
  • Processes
  • Communications

There are several steps we take to ensure the success of the project:

We Control the Scope: While it’s normal to expect some changes, major or frequent changes could indicate a problem in either the conception or the planning. We try to identify the risks early on so we are proactive rather than reactive.

We Communicate: This is probably Hereva’s biggest strength. We are all good communicators. We meet and keep the team, the stakeholders and everyone involved in the project, up to date and informed.

We Empower Our team to Make Decisions: We delegate tasks to the right people so the work is done efficiently, and then we monitor and measure the progress regularly.

We Stay Open Minded: We listen to feedback from the team, from other stakeholders and others involved in the project and we try to always be on the lookout for new ways to improve the project’s execution.

We Ensure the Quality of the Output: Projects are like a three-legged stool with the legs being Costs, Quality and Time. All three must be kept in balance, you can’t shorten one without affecting the other two.

We’re People People: We know how to keep the team members engaged, motivated and involved. This helps the project move to completion as smoothly as possible. We accomplish that by:

  • Holding weekly status review meetings to make sure everyone is on the same page, and everything is on schedule
  • Acknowledging good effort and celebrating project milestones can help keep team members motivated and enthusiastic
  • Conduct team-building exercises where feasible and appropriate

Want to make sure that your next project is executed in the best possible way? Contact us and let us show you how Hereva can help you make that happen.