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Why Hereva Uses the Honeycomb to Define Project Management

By Pat Gallagher

You may wonder why bees construct their hive in the shape of the six-sided hexagon. Why not a circle, a square, or some other more organic shape? It’s because the hexagon is the most efficient, least wasteful shape found in nature. It tessellates to minimize the amount of wasted space and maximize the available storage. It’s also flexible – it can go in any direction and fit about anywhere. The compressive characteristics of the shape allow it to be one of the strongest structures in the world. Previous studies on the geometry of the beehive have indicated that no other shape can create more space with less material.

In chemistry, the hexagon is used to illustrate the “benzene ring.” It’s an orbital compound which forms the essential structure of all organic chemistry. It’s used to describe molecular structures, and has become a standard in indicating a scientific approach to innovation and achievement.

Why did Hereva select the honeycomb for its logo? The hexagon represents communication, equality, balance, integration, union and perfection. The bee represents hard-work, industriousness, productivity, and teamwork. Therefore, the honeycomb became the perfect symbol to use. These qualities embody Hereva’s principles and culture, therefore, the honeycomb became the perfect symbol to use.

Hereva provides owner’s representation services to innovative companies undertaking real estate initiatives. From designing and building a new facility, to renovating and modifying existing spaces, Hereva provides reliable project management services to clients. Through teamwork, diligence, and efficiency, Hereva can help your next project to be success.

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