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Hereva Heads West: New Office Opens in San Diego

Hereva is always on the lookout for innovation hubs that support the ever-burgeoning technology and life-sciences industries. After three years and two offices in Boston and London, it was time to venture out west to San Diego, California. You probably can’t get two major U.S. cities further apart than Boston and San Diego, but we didn’t let that stop us. Though different in climate and scenery, these two cities share one major thing in common: the inherent interest and capabilities in the world of start ups, technology, and bio-tech companies.

As one of Cambridge’s top rivals in the bio-tech scene, expanding our offices and services to San Diego was a clear next step in Hereva’s future. We began our adventure in January 2017 to see if our expertise could be utilized by those like-minded firms and individuals who are planning new or expanded programs out on the west coast. Shortly thereafter, we took a leap of faith.

In early 2017, Shane Savoie, one of our Project Directors, moved out west to open up and head our new San Diego office. Not long after securing our presence there, we began discussing opportunities with a number of clients. Only a few months later, we are excited to say that we are now entrenched in our first full-scale major project in Los Angeles: assisting One Lambda (part of Thermo Fisher Scientific) with the planning and relocation of its scientific and GxP operation.

With this newly built foundation in California, we are actively looking to expand our presence. We have established a west coast hiring plan so that we can continue to grow our services in the region. We will continue to provide our unique blend of enthusiasm, technical knowledge and commitment to the needs of our clients – only now, we deliver these services basked in near-continuous and glorious sunshine.

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