The Owner’s Project Manager is an essential member of every successful project team. Hiring Hereva to represent you ensures your company’s financial and business interests are a top priority.

With Hereva on your side

  • You’ll have an experienced professional who knows what needs to be done, who needs to do it and by when,
  • You’ll have the advantage in avoiding common pitfalls that can cost time and money,
  • You and your staff can focus on the important work of keeping your business operational.

Your Hereva project manager is dedicated to managing the details, identifying and addressing changes, and facilitating the on-going communication between architects, engineers, contractors and others who you are relying on to get their jobs done.

Founded in project management methodology, with technical skills, on-going education and training, and real world experience in delivering projects, Hereva brings leadership and accountability to all phases of a project. Ultimately, our responsibility is to you and to minimizing the risks that will be encountered along the way.

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