About Us

Hereva was founded in 2014 to bring strategic project management to life science companies undertaking new or expanded commercial real estate projects.

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Since our founding we’ve grown rapidly, helping visionary companies in Boston, San Diego, London and beyond manage the unique financial, technical and logistical challenges of design and construction projects in the life sciences industry. We’ve built a reputation for unwavering leadership, proactive communication, team engagement and diligence in execution.

Our Beliefs

As owner’s project managers, our mission at Hereva is to help our clients achieve the results they want from their project. Everything we do—each conversation, each decision, each action—is guided by our conviction that our clients’ goals are our goals. That means:

  • Bringing efficiencies and best practices help make the best use of our clients’ time, money and resources
  • Providing a thoughtful, detailed planning process, which is essential to achieving project goals
  • Engaging the customer, client, and key stakeholders to help ensure a process that’s as seamless as possible

Our Team

The Hereva team is diverse, dynamic and forward-thinking, with extensive experience and in-depth understanding of the life sciences and technology industry. Our team members choose Hereva because they love working side by side with other smart, entrepreneurial professionals to help their clients achieve excellent results.

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